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WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) Inspection

A WETT inspection is an inspection of a wood burning appliance including open fireplaces, factory-built fireplaces, wood burning inserts, wood stoves, and other wood burning appliances. This is often performed at the time of a home inspection during a real estate transaction or maybe a requirement for homeowners insurance.

A WETT inspection is the inspection of a solid-fuel-burning system, performed by a WETT-certified professional, for compliance with applicable codes and standards. Appliances cannot be WETT certified. We frequently receive requests for a “WETT certificate,” a “WETT certification,” a “WETT Approval” or asked if an installation is a “WETT-certified installation.” These are common misconceptions — they do not exist. What we do is perform an inspection and issue an inspection report completed by someone who is WETT certified.

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