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Septic System Inspection

A septic system inspection is an examination of the septic system components to determine their age, location, present condition, and functionality. A septic system inspection is often done in conjunction with a home inspection during a real estate transaction but can also be done if a homeowner is experiencing problems with their septic system and needs to determine the cause of the issue. The inspector will provide the client with a detailed report within 24hrs of the inspection.

The most common type of septic system is a class 4 leaching bed system, typically composed of a two-compartment septic tank in which the sanitary sewage is collected and digested, and a leaching bed to which the tank effluent percolates into the ground.

A septic tank is a watertight vault with usually two compartments in which sanitary sewage accumulates. The main purpose of the septic tank is to collect sanitary sewage and to separate solid material from liquid. This is where the anaerobic digestion of the sanitary sewage occurs. As sewage enters the tank, the heavier solid materials begin to settle to the bottom, and the lighter oils and greases rise to the top. Bacteria in the tank decompose or liquefy some of the solid matter which allows it to pass from the tank, through the leaching bed, and into the underlying soil.

The receiving soil is the most important component of the septic system. It is the primary means by which the effluent is treated and helps to minimize contamination of the water table. Once the effluent passes into the soil, the remaining nutrients are removed by bacterial action, and any remaining solids and microorganisms are filtered through a combination of physical, chemical, and biological reactions within the soil mass.

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